2020 new fashion 100%polyester towel cloth with brushed back side interlock fleece fabric

2020 new fashion 100%polyester towel cloth with brushed back side interlock fleece fabric

Short Description:

1. Sun shading, light transmission and ventilation. It can eliminate up to 86% of the solar radiation, and keep the air inside the room, and can clearly see the outdoor scenery.

2. Heat insulation. Polyester sun fabric has good heat insulation performance that other fabrics do not have, which greatly reduces the use of indoor air conditioning.

3. UV protection. Polyester sun fabric can protect up to 95% of UV rays.

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Polyester Fabric Features

1. Fireproof. Polyester sunshine fabric has the flame retardant property that other fabrics do not have. Real polyester fabric will be burned after the residual internal skeleton glass fiber, so it will not be deformed, while ordinary fabrics burned without any residue.

2. moisture-proof. Bacteria can not reproduce, the fabric will not mildew.

3. Polyester fiber is easy to produce static electricity, soak with softener to clean.

4. Constant size. The material of the fabric itself decides that it is not ductile, will not be deformed, and keep its flatness for a long time.

5. Easy to clean. It can be brushed in water.

6. Tear-resistant. No need to reinforce, natural tear resistance, has significant resistance to wind and withstand frequent use.


1. Automotive: The best choice for washing, drying, waxing and polishing your car, motorcycle, etc. No lint and scratch left!

2. Household: Ideal for cleaning dust. The miracle fibers pick up everything leaving your equipment, mirrors, counter tops, vanities, etc. Look shiny after cleaning!

3. Photo/Video: Super soft fibers leave your TV screens and lenses absolutely spotless!

If the product I buy from you have some problem, what should I do?

The goods before we ship out will be checked whether it is good or not, if is damaged, we won't ship to our customer. And if you really found the problem,Please take a photo ,then we can check with warehouse. And if it is our duty, we will compensate you.

Please contact us before cutting. If there is no fabric quality problem after cutting, you will bear the consequences! We will keep samples of your products, so that you can contact us after receiving the goods!

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