French Terry Fabric

French terry is a plush, comfortable knitted fabric that's perfect for everyday wear, especially sweatshirts and hoodies. The looped side of the fabric provides a soft and cozy texture, while the smooth side gives it a polished look. At Yinsai Textile, we have over ten years of experience in developing and manufacturing high quality French terry cloth. Our greatest strength is our CVC French terry fabric, which ensures great comfort and durability. We pride ourselves on having a state-of-the-art facility with 84 machines dedicated to the manufacture of French terry fabrics. Our daily output is about 25 tons, while the monthly and annual output is about 750 tons and 8200 tons respectively. We are passionate about delivering quality products to our customers and strive to do so by providing competitive pricing paired with excellent customer service. Our commitment to providing the best quality materials will always be a priority for us