95/5 cotton spandex digital print fabric, It is printed on cotton spandex jersey by heat transfer

It is a high-end T-shirt fabric.

For cotton spandex jersey, As it is used for T-shirt, we usually do the weight at 180-220gsm, When we do pre-treatment of the fabric, we must pay special attention not to add softener, otherwise it will affect the color of the digital printing. Some customers have high requirements on the fabric surface, so we need to do wool etching treatment.

Digital printing design is usually in cartoon patterns, and it is widely used in children’s clothing. Our factory usually has a certain amount of white base fabric inventory, which is convenient for direct printing, so our minimum order quantity for digital printing is 1 meter, which can meet the requirements of customers for small orders.

For digital The color fastness is average, some strict light, the perspiration color fastness is generally not good, If guests have requirements in this regard,we need to pay special attention.

Generally speaking, this is a very popular fabric in the market with a lot of usage.

Post time: Sep-14-2021