Cotton spandex single jersey fabric

This is an elastic fabric, it is a weft knitted fabric. It has a specific composition ratio of 95% cotton, 5% spandex, a weight of 170GSM, and a width of 170CM.Generally more slim, showing the figure, wearing it close to the body, it will not feel the same as wrapping it,bouncy. The most used T-shirts are pure cotton fabrics. The characteristics of pure cotton fabrics are that they have a good hand feel, are comfortable and environmentally friendly to wear, but are easy to wrinkle.

Adding a small amount of spandex yarn can significantly improve the physical properties of the fabric, greatly increase the elasticity of the fabric, while maintaining the texture and comfort of pure cotton.

In addition, the addition of spandex to the neckline can prevent the neckline from being loosely deformed and maintain the lasting elasticity of the neckline.

As a knitted fabric with 5% spandex, cotton spandex single jersey fabric has very good 4-way elasticity, so many high-end sportswear will choose to use it to make.

And cotton is a natural material, it will not have any irritation to human skin, so cotton spandex jersey fabric is often used to make babies and children’s clothing. They are very good for protecting babies and children.

Compared with chemical fibers such as polyester and nylon, cotton is more environmentally friendly as a natural raw material, so it is more popular in developed countries.

Finally, when the fabric is made into clothes, the clothes made of cotton are more washable, because the natural alkali resistance of cotton makes it difficult to decolorize even after dyeing or printing.

Cotton is the most commonly used T-shirt fabric, comfortable, skin-friendly, breathable, hygroscopic, and environmentally friendly. Divided into mercerized cotton, saccharified cotton, cotton + cashmere, cotton + Lycra (high-quality spandex), cotton polyester and other textures.

Post time: Jun-03-2019