What are the advantages and disadvantages of terry cloth?

We have seen terry cloth in our life, and its raw material is also very careful, roughly divided into cotton and polyester-cotton. When terry cloth is woven, the strands are drawn out to a certain length. Terry cloth is generally thicker, can hold more air, so it also has warmth, generally used to make autumn and winter clothes, the most common is the sweatshirt. In fact, terry cloth is also called fish scale cloth, double bit cloth, unit cloth terry grip processing is also called terry cloth, terry cloth is a variety of knitted fabrics. Terry cloth is usually thicker, because the terry part is able to hold a lot of air, so terry cloth has a certain warmth performance.


Some parts of terry cloth are brushed and can be processed into fleece, which will make this fabric have a lighter and softer feel and warmth. Terry cloth we can understand from the word literally, terry cloth is more like a towel, just like a towel has a terry kind of fabric, but the terry cloth above the terry is to be a little larger than the terry above the towel, is a kind of pattern knitted fabric. Terry cloth often used fabric is polyester filament, polyester / cotton blended yarn or nylon silk for ground yarn, cotton yarn, acrylic yarn, polyester / cotton blended yarn, acetate yarn, air-flow spun chemical fiber yarn as terry yarn.

The advantages of terry cloth

1. The feel of terry cloth is soft and the texture is thicker.

2. Terry cloth has good absorbency and warmth.

3. Terry cloth will not pilling.

Terry cloth is a kind of velvet-like fabric, with micro-elastic and long velvet, soft to the touch, very skin-friendly. Generally speaking, there are more solid colors and fewer colors. This natural fabric usually has a synthetic component as well - the backing is usually made of synthetic materials in order to be stronger and more durable, while pure natural fabrics are less common on the market. This fabric is rich in natural fibers and is highly absorbent. The terry part is brushed and can be processed into fleece, which has a lighter, softer feel and superior warmth.

Post time: May-10-2022