96/4 Polyester Elastane Fabric Brushed Midum Weight Waffle Fabric for Winter Clothes

96/4 Polyester Elastane Fabric Brushed Midum Weight Waffle Fabric for Winter Clothes

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1, poor moisture absorption: wear a stuffy feeling, while easy to carry static electricity, stained with dust, affecting the beauty and comfort.

2, polyester fabric fusion resistance is poor: easy to form holes when encountering soot, sparks, etc. Therefore, polyester fabrics should be worn to avoid contact with cigarette butts, sparks, etc.

3, easy to generate static electricity: polyester fiber is easy to generate static electricity, need to use softener soak cleaning, after washing easy to shade dry, not to be exposed to the sun, so as to avoid wrinkles due to heat.

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Polyester fiber advantages and disadvantages


1, shading, light transmission, good ventilation: polyester fiber can eliminate up to 86% of the solar radiation, but also to keep the indoor air flow, and can clearly see the outdoor scenery.

2, strong heat insulation: polyester sun fabric has good heat insulation properties that other fabrics do not have, greatly reducing the use of indoor air conditioning.

3, UV protection: polyester sun fabric can resist up to 95% of UV rays.

4, fire: polyester fabrics have other fabrics do not have flame retardant properties, real polyester fabrics will remain after burning the internal skeleton glass fiber, so will not be deformed, and ordinary fabrics after burning without any residue.

5, moisture-proof: polyester fiber can make bacteria can not reproduce, so the fabric will not be stored mold.

6, wrinkle and conformability is very good: has a high strength and elastic recovery, its firm and durable, wrinkle-free, non-stick hair, color fastness is very good, by which the textile fabric not only fastness than other fibers 3-4 times higher, and brace, not easy to deformation, there is a "non-iron" reputation.

7, easy to clean: can be placed in water to brush, but also easy to dry.

8, tear resistance: no need to reinforce, natural tear resistance, significant wind resistance and withstand frequent use.


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