Cotton spandex single jersey fabric

Cotton spandex single jersey fabric

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1. Single Jersey Fabric Properties

When you handle single jersey fabric, you’ll quickly find that one side of the fabric is smoother than the other. The material feels soft and light and it drapes very easily. Single jersey fabric is also very breathable.

2. Single Jersey Fabric Uses

Single jersey fabric is often used for sports t-shirts and leggings. This is because the material is very breathable so sweat doesn’t stay locked between the garment and the skin. It’s also a popular option for regular t-shirts too.

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Spandex fabric tips

Spandex fabric is a fabric made of spandex, spandex is a polyurethane type fiber, excellent elasticity, so it is also known as elastic fiber.

1. cotton spandex fabric contains a little more cotton inside, good breathability, sweat absorption, wear a good effect of sun protection.

2. spandex excellent elasticity. And strength than latex silk 2 to 3 times higher, the line density is also finer, and more resistant to chemical degradation. Spandex acid and alkali resistance, sweat resistance, seawater resistance, dry cleaning resistance, abrasion resistance are better. Spandex is generally not used alone, but is blended into fabrics in small amounts. This fiber has both rubber and fiber properties, and is mostly used for corespun yarns with spandex as the core yarn. Also useful for spandex bare silk and spandex and other fibers combined twisted twisted silk, mainly used in a variety of warp knitting, weft knitting fabrics, woven fabrics and elastic fabrics.

3. cotton spandex fabric soaking time can not be too long, to avoid fading not wringing dry. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, so as not to reduce the firmness and cause fading yellow; wash and dry, dark and light colors are separated; pay attention to ventilation, avoid moisture, so as not to mold; intimate underwear can not be soaked in hot water, so as not to appear yellow sweat spots.

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