Cotton spandex single jersey fabric

Cotton spandex single jersey fabric

Short Description:

Fabric type Cotton spandex single jersey fabric
Compostion 95%cotton 5%spandex
GSM 240gsm
Full/Usable Width 180CM
Color customized
Usage natural eaco-friendly garment
Feature natural, breathable, Excellent moisture, comfortable
MOQ 500 KG for one color
Customized OK
Sample OK
Production time 30DAYS
Package ROLLS
Payment term 50%payment in advance and balance to be paid after production and inspection finished before shipment
Shipment Shipment by Sea, by Air or Courier of DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT
Certification GOTS, GRS

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This is a high-quality knitted cotton spandex single jersey fabric. This is a weft knitted fabric. The specific composition ratio is 95% cotton, 5% spandex, gram weight 230GSM, and width 170CM. The specific specifications of cotton and spandex are 30S and 40D. Cotton spandex single jersey fabric is generally used to make high-quality T-shirts, underwear and other personal clothing. If you need, our company can also customize organic cotton and recycled polyester fabrics.

This is a printed fabric, of course, we also make dyed fabrics. Our company can use digital printing, water printing, paint printing and other printing methods according to your needs. They have their own advantages and disadvantages and are suitable for different clothes.

Cotton spandex fabric is very soft and easily absorbs a small amount of moisture in the air, so it will not dry out when it comes in contact with our skin, making it more comfortable.

Cotton material has a very good thermal insulation effect. In winter, most home textile products such as bed sheets and quilts use cotton materials. Cotton spandex knitted fabrics inherit this characteristic well.

Cotton is a natural material and does not cause any irritation to human skin, so cotton spandex knitted fabrics are often used to make baby and children’s clothing. They are very suitable for protecting babies and children.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Cotton Fabric For Clothing?
Cotton is used more than any other natural fibre when it comes to clothing, but why? Well one of cotton’s many advantages is how easy it is to sew, as unlike fabrics such as linen or jersey it doesn’t move around. Cotton clothing is also soft and comfortable to wear whilst also being easy to care for. With its lasting durability and hypoallergenic material, cotton is always a good choice for your latest dressmaking project.

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